Generating Business Leads For Your Business...

Larger companies have departments to handle every aspect of the business, but what about the smaller organisation?

  • All those functions still need performing. Out sourcing is the smart solution.
  • Websites which more than one person can update are the way forward.
  • Google Adwords can frequently be a very effective way of generating business, allow us to run your campaign.
  • Facebook posts and advertising for some businesses makes sense.
  • Help with IT issues

About Miraquel

Flexible and offering great value for money.

Bubbling with ideas and able to tackle a wide range of challenges to help you move your business forward.

Miraquel's Work

From strategy to logos through to graphics on to websites and social media and finishing with promotion of your business..

Miraquel offers a flexible way of helping you when you need it.



1. Strategy

2. Website & Email

3. Marketing Ideas & Marketing Collateral


Projects over the past 17-years have been very varied from registering domain names through to building very successful websites. To helping man exhibition stands and creating videos through to print (business cards, stationery, leaflets NCR pads etc), magazine adverts.

The common factor a sales and marketing related theme. 

  • Reorganised wifi to take it from less than 1mbps to 20mbps (hopeless to great in English!)
  • Added wifi boosters to extend the range of the wifi
  • Produced brochures
  • Facebook posts and advertising
  • Print adverts
  • Google Adwords


Frequently overlooked.

Without a carefully thought through strategy it is highly likely that your website will fall short of your expectations. Allow us to make a success of your Google Adwords.

Clients benefit from the implementation of website secrets of success gleaned over many years. 

Lots of small components in a website make a big difference to how many leads your website generates.


In an ever changing world but with a few constants.

Do not over look there some of the obvious, there maybe many more opportunities which you probably have not considered.


The digitisation of photography, still and video, has enabled the pace of communication to accelerate. This coupled with an ever increasing speed of the internet has allowed for a more visual digital marketing world. 

Miraquel can offer you help for your business in making the most of the new opportunities which keep on emerging.

sales revenue

Always difficult to promise but dozens of success stories to report.

Businesses which have expanded during lean years, developed overseas sales, expanded their workforce to cope with increased business...

No hype - just more leads for you!

Charles Willcock

Clients benefit from 30+ years experience in business.

From working with blue chip companies through to SME's Miraquel is able to offer a wide variety of solutions to help you boost your sales.

No need to expend large sums on yesterdays marketing ideas.


Simple Website

Starter websites.

Larger websites.

More complex websites.

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