Your Frustration with Sales & Marketing / your website presence could be over...

Benefits of out sourcing

Save Money & Time

3 benefits of having Miraquel helping generate leads for you

1. Avoid Expensive Mistakes Google offers Google Analytics and coupled with Google Adwords it could seem like getting customers to your website is straight forward, but if you are generating the "wrong" visitors then this can create a false impression.

Having well over twelve years experience of running Google Adwords and analysing the results makes it easier to see where people are going wrong. 

Chances are you will not have sufficient work to keep one person working on your digital presence which is why out sourcing makes so much sense.

2. Flexible No long term contracts

No Employment issues

Ability to turn your ideas in to website content and then promote that.

3. Experience Knowing what has worked for other people makes it easier to create lead generation website pages for you. Add to that the ability to see what your competitors are doing.

Time is Limited

Out sourcing your website and lead generation enables you to concentrate on the big things like:-

  1. Looking after your customers
  2. Managing your team
  3. Working on your business and not just in it

Free Yourself to concentrate on delivering Where you can add the most value

Case Study

I have been working with Fasthosts for over 12 years and during 2017 I upgraded all the websites I control to the very latest platform available. A few months later I was flattered to be asked if I would help contribute to a case study regarding this series of new servers, being very happy with the new server it was a pleasure to help.

Why not take advantage pf the very latest in technology with a website from Miraquel?