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Adding A Video To A Website Page

First job create your video.

Video requires special hosting but thankfully YouTube.com offers the chance to host your website with an expert service.

(If YouTube.com is not for you Vimeo.com offers paid for option)

The simplest option is to add a new section and drag across the Big Buck Bunny example on.

If you click the blue box with the <> you can see the code which plays the video. Swap this out and swap your YouTube video in.

How to add video to a website

On YouTube if you look down at the options - Share > Embed that will generate a line of code - copy that and paste.

Introduction To Editing

Add new words lists change the colour of text .


Adding content and pictures and then edit to create your own look.

Adding A New Section

Adding a new section to a page to expand the content .

Search Engine Optimisation

Title, description how to come up in Google

Dividing A Page In To Sections

Sections in a page makes it more manageable.

A Picture

Pictures brighten up text make it more readable

Adding A

Video is the

Adding A

Adding a pdf
to your website.