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Edit A Page


Navigate to the page to edit

Click on the section

You can now correct a spelling as you would in Word.

Change a word.

Add a new sentence.

To avoiding losing your changes either click Save, Save & Finish, or Publish.

Save - I will just answer this phone call

Save and Finish I'm going for lunch and will finish this later

Publish - the change is complete and I am publishing this for the world to see.

The most frequently occurring code is a paragraph.

A paragraph starts with a <p> and it ends with a </p> if you take a look at the htlm code.

If you want to make a word bold in your paragraph highlight the word and click on B to learn more about html code

https://www.w3schools.com/ covers the options


Introduction To Editing

Add new words lists change the colour of text .


Adding content and pictures and then edit to create your own look.

Adding A New Section

Adding a new section to a page to expand the content .

Search Engine Optimisation

Title, description how to come up in Google

Dividing A Page In To Sections

Sections in a page makes it more manageable.

A Picture

Pictures brighten up text make it more readable

Adding A

Video is the

Adding A

Adding a pdf
to your website.