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Search Engine Optimisation

Where This Is Taking Your Page.

where does Google gets its answers from

Where Do The Answers In Google Come From?

The large text is the Title of pages. Internet is made up of many websites but Google indexes the individual pages of those websites.

The key concept is Google takes you to a specific page.

Think of this as a game of snap.

Google is trying to match the words searchers type with the pages it has indexed.

Factors which help make a match are:

  • Name of your website
  • URL of the page
  • Page title
  • Page description
  • H1 heading on the page
  • H2 headings on the page
  • Text on the page
  • The names of pictures on the page

All of these are factors under your control.

What if you do not add anything for a page? Google might index the page and fill in some content for you.

This is not a smart option you are relying on some software to do a better job than you. (If this is not for you Miraquel can sort this out for you.)

There are other factors which determine which pages Google puts on the results page...

Assuming you have carried out the recommended steps other factors include: -

  • How many links you have to your website.
  • How much content you have on your page.
  • Is that content unique or can it be found everywhere.
  • When was the website last updated.
  • How close is the browser to the provider
  • the list extends to 100+ factors...

Settings > Page Properties 

click settings. when you have finished click the x and click Publish

Top Tips:-

  • Title - use 56 Characters - long titles can be penalised
  • Capitalise each word avoid all caps unless you are typing BBC for example
  • Do not use the same word twice 
  • Use Subject and Geography if appropriate

Description use 25 words expand the title. The description should make sense to a person reading it.

click settings click settings

Advanced users might consider for some pages changing the title to match the seasons.


Prior to Valentines Day - use something like Valentines Day Florist

15th February change to Mothers Day

After Mothers Day Easter?

November Christmas Flowers

The title does not always have to remain the same.

Introduction To Editing

Add new words lists change the colour of text .


Adding content and pictures and then edit to create your own look.

Adding A New Section

Adding a new section to a page to expand the content .

Search Engine Optimisation

Title, description how to come up in Google

Dividing A Page In To Sections

Sections in a page makes it more manageable.

A Picture

Pictures brighten up text make it more readable

Adding A

Video is the

Adding A

Adding a pdf
to your website.